Cast List for Alice in Wonderland

Pearland Little Theatre Alice in Wonderland Cast List for Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland

Cast List for Alice in Wonderland

Posted By Tiffany Evers

Cast list for Alice in Wonderland!

Thank you for everyone who auditioned for Alice. Please make sure you read through to the bottom of the post, there’s lots of info! Let us know if you accept by commenting below or sending an email

Abella Mata: Kid in park (prologue), bird (sing/dance/movement), Tea Party Ensemble, Card 3, birds understudy
Alicia Mata: Dodo
Alyssa Grossman: Cheshire Cat
Ashley McKay: March Hare, Helen understudy
Avonlea Evers: Dormouse
Camden Baker: Duck
Emma Balsamo: Rabbit
Jacob Johnson: Kid in park (prologue), little rabbit (sing/dance), Knave sidekick, Card 2
Jillian Evers: Alice
Jocelyn Pitman: Queen, Kid in park (prologue), Extra caterpillar
Katarina Mattheis: Eaglet
Laney Thompson: Helen, bird (sing/dance/movement), Card, Alice understudy
Maddox Richardson: Kid in park (prologue), little rabbit (sing/dance), Card
Nicoleta Savage: Mad Hatter
Reese Reynolds: Lory
Sara Rodriguez: Caterpiller
Will Dickens: Pigeon
Will Wright: Knave
William Candy: King, Kid in park (prologue), extra caterpillar

A note about the Birds – Lory, Pigeon, Duck, Dodo, Eaglet (since this is a new script, you might be unsure about these roles): These are really, truly fun roles! You guys are the comic relief for the show, and we needed some really strong personalities. You’re the Heart of Wonderland, the jury that decides the fate of all, and you pop up all around Wonderland as your flock. You will have fabulous makeup, and you won’t have to wear feathers! (We’ll talk more about costumes at the parent meeting!)

Ensemble note: we are able to add more ensemble in scenes, but it is hard to tell with fast scene changes. We will know more once we begin rehearsal.

We will begin with our parent meeting and first rehearsal on Monday, September 4th, at St. Andrews Episcopal Church. Look for a cast email to be sent out soon with much more info soon!

Written by Tiffany Evers

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