Cast List for Legally Blonde

Pearland Little Theatre Legally Blonde Cast List for Legally Blonde

Legally Blonde

Cast List for Legally Blonde

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This was EXTREMELY difficult to cast since the cast is just MASSIVE, and I couldn’t be more proud of everyone who auditioned. There are so many factors that go into this, and I want you to know I cast this all based on where you can be used best and most effectively, as well as giving you scene partners and music that either extremely support or challenge you to give you skills that can be used in the professional musical theater world. I can’t wait to get started!  ~ Brian


Elle Woods – Jillian Maxwell
Warner Huntington III – Gage Quintela
Emmett Forrest – Zac Richardson


Vivenne Kensington – Gwen Diaz
Paulette Buonufonte – Caroline Koonce
Brooke Wyndham – Grace Bohn
Callahan – Tyler Pitman
Kyle – John Aleman


Margot – Mallory Odom
Serena – Abigail Klinkerman
Pilar – Rebecca Francis
Kate – Jillian Evers
Enid Hoopes – Jade Williamson
Aaron Schultz – Davian Raggio
Sundeep Agrawal Padamadan – Will Dickens
Grand Master Chad – Davian Raggio
Dewey – Cole Durdin
Nikos Argitakos – John Aleman
Carlos Argitakos – RJ Munguia
Mr Woods – Mr. Maxwell/John Michael Hoke
Mrs Woods – Lisa Maxwell


Girl – Shelby Garrett
Leilani – Alicia Mata
Sales Girl #1 – Grace Durdin
Manager – Isabelle Vasquez
Winthrop – Cole Durdin
Lowell – RJ Munguia
Pforzheimer – William Candy
Jetblue Pilot – Reese Reynolds
Whitney – Jillian Evers
Dana – Phoebe Vasquez
Sales Girl #2 – Grace Durdin
Mousy Client – Grace Durdin
Cashier – Genna Cordes
Kiki (colorist) – Nicoleta Savage
Judge – Emma Balsamo
Stenographer – Reese Reynolds
Chutney Wyndham – Nicoleta Savage
D.A. Riley – Cole Durdin
Assistant D.A. – Davian Raggio
Bailiff – Will Dickens


Katelyn Crockett
Alyssa Grossman
Katrina Samuelson
Ella Wittman
Will Wright

DANCE CAPTAIN: Jade Williamson

Please email to let us know by this Friday, March 10 whether or not you accept your role.


These are all to cover our butts in case someone is sick on the show night. I have checked to make sure no roles are conflicted with and/or the person can perform both in the same night. Any cast members are also expected to learn their cover role, as illness can happen or sudden summer plans can change before our first rehearsal. You will be expected as cover to be able to do the scene if you are needed. For this reason, rehearsals will be planned out for an entire week at a time so you can prepare. You are also welcome to attend any rehearsal that your cover is singing/staging in, but NO mouthing/quietly singing along.

ENSEMBLE COVERS: The bare minimum was cast as cover, so that people in scenes won’t be left hanging without crucial interjection lines. If you aren’t on the cover cast list and want to cover a role that isn’t listed, go ahead and learn it, then email me to tell me you’re doing it.


Elle Woods – Mallory Odom
Warner Huntington III – Davian Raggio
Emmett Forrest – RJ Munguia


Vivienne Kensington – Rebecca Francis
Paulette Buonufonte – Isabelle Vasquez
Brooke Wyndham – Abigail Klinkerman
Callahan – Cole Durdin
Kyle – N/A


Margot – Jillian Evers
Serena – Gwen Diaz
Pilar – Alicia Mata
Kate – Grace Durdin
Enid Hoopes – Caroline Koonce
Aaron Schultz – Will Dickens
Sundeep Agrawal Padamadan – RJ Munguia
Grand Master Chad – Tyler Pitman
Dewey – John Aleman
Nikos Argitakos – Will Dickens
Carlos Argitakos – Brian Yeakley


Manager – Emma Balsamo
Judge – Kaitlyn Crockett
Chutney Wyndham – Reese Reynolds
Whitney – Shelby Garrett
Stenographer – Emma Balsamo

Written by lauradodom

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  1. I need to know the rehearsal schedule for the week of July 4th. We always go to the lakehouse. Also, would you please clarify Davian’s responsibilities as a lead cover? Thanks!

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